Benefit From Janka Wood Hardness Rating

Published: 11th December 2006
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What is Janka Wood Hardness Rating?

Janka Wood Hardness Rating is a relative measurement of the wood's impact-resistance and wear-resistance, an evaluation of its hardness. The higher the rating, the harder is the species of wood.

Applications Of Janka Wood Hardness Rating

Janka Wood Hardness Rating being the numerical representation of the wood's durability (its ability to withstand denting and wearing) it is easy to select a wood-species depending on the use it is being put to. Thus, softer woods with lower ratings will not be fit for flooring-use as it will dent and scuff easily. You will need high-rated durable wood for high-traffic floors. Even engineered flooring materials can be rated by Janka testing.

Janka Wood Hardness Rating is a good indicator how easy or difficult it is to hammer a nail into the wood or to hack it down with a saw and this is certainly a great help for many do-it-yourselfers.

How Is The Rating Done?

Janka Wood Hardness Rating is done by undertaking the Janka test, which involves measuring the amount of force (in pounds per square inch or psi) required to drive in an 11.28 millimeter (i.e., 0.444 inch) steel ball to half its diameter into the wood sample. A series of tests are conducted and averaged to arrive at the correct rating. (These tests include sampling plain-sawn and quarter-sawn wood materials).

Wood Species Rating

Eastern White Pine 380

Basswood 410

White Pine 420

Hemlock 500

Chestnut 540

Larch and Alder 590

Douglas Fir 660

Yellow Pine 700

Shedua 710

Sycamore 770

Parana 780

Cumaru 790

Tamarack 800

Lacewood, Leopardwood 840

Southern Yellow Pine 890

Cedar 900

Paper Birch 910

Boire 940

Black Cherry 950

Sakura 995

Black Walnut 1010

Boreal 1023

Makore 1100

Brazilian Eucalyptus 1125

Cocobolo 1136

Teak 1155

Carbonized Bamboo 1180

Heart Pine 1225

Movingui 1230

Yellow Birch and Red Oak 1260

Caribbean Heart Pine 1280

American Beech 1300

Ash 1320

Ribbon Gum 1349

Tasmanian Oak 1350

White Oak 1360

Australian Cyprus 1375

Natural Bamboo 1380

Coffee Bean 1390

Merbau 1400

Hard Maple / Sugar Maple 1450

Sweet Birch 1470

Curupixa 1490

Sapele / Sapelli 1510

Kambala 1540

Peroba 1557

True Pine / Timborana 1570

Zebrawood 1575

Tualang 1624

Wenge / Red Pine 1630

Highland Beech 1686

Locust 1700

Kempas 1710

Merbau 1712

Blackwood 1720

African Padauk 1725

Rosewood 1780

Bangkirai 1798

Afzelia / Doussie 1810

Bamboo 1800

Hickory, Pecan and Satinwood 1820

Tigerwood 1850

Purpleheart 1860

Jarrah 1910

Amendoim 1912

Tallowwood 1923

Cameron 1940

Bubinga 1980

Sydney Blue Gum 2023

Karri 2030

Brushbox 2135

Pradoo 2170

Santos Mahogany / Cabrueva 2200

Mesquite 2345

Brazilian Cherry / Jatoba 2350

Spotted Gum 2473

Red Mahagony / Turpentine 2697

Bloodwood 2900

Angelim Pedra 3040

Brazilian Redwood / Peraju 3190

Ebony 3220

Brazilian Teak 3540

Brazilian Walnut / Ipe / Lapacho 3684

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